Dionis™ takes its name from Mrs. Dionis Coffin who emigrated from Devonshire, England to Massachusetts in 1642; she settled in Nantucket Island in 1660. In the year 1653, Mrs. Coffin was brought into court at Newbury, MA and charged with overpricing her beer (3d. per quart). She stoutly defended herself maintaining it was a higher quality beer and was acquitted! Dionis and her husband had 9 children and many descendants. The first steam engine in Nantucket was named Dionis and a beach called Dionis Beach on Nantucket Island, still very popular today.

Our founder, Kate Crosby lived on a goat farm in the highlands of Virginia where her love of goats and goat milk inspired her to begin making goat milk bar soap. She shared the soap she made with friends and family, who raved about her unique formula, and how good it was for their skin; this gave Kate the idea to start making it for her community since she had more goats’ milk than she knew what to do with, and called her company Dionis Goat’s Milk Soap .

From then on, everything moved pretty quickly and Kate realized soon enough that everyone in her community loved her goat milk bar soap. Kate’s big break came when she decided to walk into Cracker Barrel with a baby goat in hand to sell her bar soap. Since then, Dionis has expanded into all Cracker Barrel stores and local gift shops across the United States. Eventually, Kate’s inspiration of making goat milk soap expanded into hand creams and lotions and she came to the Ott family to help make the Dionis goat milk products as she approached retirement.

Kate’s love of the farm and living with her family in Virginia is where she was happiest. Our family fell in love with Kate and Dionis and continues to make Dionis products today. Karen Minsky, who runs Dionis today, continues Kate’s strong leadership and strict guidelines of quality, value and goat milk in every product.

Why Goat Milk?

Goat Milk is naturally enriched with high amounts of protein, fat, iron, Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E and many more. It will nourish your skin while keeping you moisturized.

  • The pH of Goat Milk is nearly the same as that of human skin, helping to maintain a slightly acid mantle.
  • One of the main structural elements in living cells are lipids. Goat milk lipids are skin-compatible and are easily absorbed to moisturize and nourish our skin. No greasy residue.
  • Goat milk is rich in lactic acid and whey proteins. Lactic acid helps smooth skin by exfoliation while proteins enhance skin’s appearance.
  • Packed with Vitamins A&D and E — the first a powerful anti-oxidant, the second, a supplement for our “sunshine-needs”, and the third, adds moisture.
  • Contains a complex of trace minerals originating from fresh-grazed pastures to help skin naturally maintain its own moisture.

Goat milk has always been the most acceptable of all milks for people with sensitive digestive systems — and what’s good for the inside is just as good for the outside!

Our Products

Our products are packed with vitamins & minerals naturally found in Goat Milk to nourish, condition and leave skin feeling hydrated and revitalized. Goat milk is naturally enriched with high amounts of protein, fat, iron, Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E and many more. They are not just good for your skin; they are good for you. All of our products are deeply moisturizing and non-greasy. We offer an array of fragrances that are sure to please. We also offer an unscented for those that want to experience the brand, but prefer no fragrance.

we are a cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free brand
Our products are made in Bucks County, PA