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"Have never forgotten this hand cream since I bought some in Vermont almost 10 years ago. Great stuff at great prices."
— J.O.O. (Loyal Facebook Fan)

"This is reasonably priced great product! Hands down, the best lotion ever!"
—L.S. (Facebook Fan)

"Bought the LOVE lotion after using it in the ladies room at Cracker Barrel, haha! A month later, I am still in love with it just like the first time :)"
— J.R. (Facebook Fan)

"I am obsessed with the LOVE scent lotion. Totally addicted to Dionis Goat Milk products!!!"
— M.L.K. (Facebook Fan)

"Hello . . . I just want to say, I appreciate your customer service. I placed an order and received it the following day! I had spent over $50.00 and not only received free shipping but received a thank you, gift! I love it. That's the way to do, business! Thank you and I hope your policies never change. I will be ordering more in the future and telling my friends. If more businesses worked like you do, there would be less companies going out of business and more jobs for all. It makes a difference when you try to decide how to best spend your hard-earned money on necessities and gifts and you come across a company like yours who help you make your decision, hands down! You're the best! Thank you."
— N.F. (Happy Dionis Fan)

"LOVE the cucumber lotion ever!!!!"
T.B.C. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"One of the best lotions I have ever used. Love it."
D.B. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"Thank you so much for making such wonderful products. I tried the vanilla lotion and love it. It keeps your hands soft and silky all day long and the scent is just wonderful.  I’m glad I found your website.  I was making trips to our nearest Cracker Barrel to get your products."
— T.S. (Customer Email)

"A friend gave me a 2 oz tube of the hand cream and it's amazing! Keeps hands moisturized in the cold Connecticut winters!"
— C.S.M. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"So glad I found your Facebook page . . . best lotions ever!!!!"
— L.P. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"My mother and I have been Dionis users for many years. We live in Virginia and loved the idea of using products that were produced so close to us. Even with you branching into PA, we still use your products. Every Christmas my father places a big order of Blue Ridge Wildflower and Virginia Hyacinth (my moms favorite scents). Hope everyone at Dionis has a wonderful new year!"
— S.P. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I love this lotion! My skin feels so velvety soft and smooth. I became an addict at once."
— K.M.G. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I purchased from only one company on CyberMonday, Dionis Goat Milk Skincare — My order arrived today! Woo Hoo! Customer for life!"
— T.H.P (Dionis Facebook Fan)

— C.F.M. (Dionis Facebook Recommendation)

"This lotion is amazing - I buy it very time I am at Cracker Barrel :-)"
— S.M. (Dionis Facebook Recommendation)

"Great lotion! Not greasy and makes hands feel awesome!"
— L.L.M. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I have a rare skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex (Butterfly Skin) and your products have been one of the few that REALLY helped me. The wonderful Blue Ridge Wildflower fragrance doesn't cause any reaction on my skin and makes it a joy to use. Thanks for such great stuff!
— N.A. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I have just started using some of these products and I love the way it makes my skin feel . . . I do recommend you try them as I have only just begun to enjoy Dionis Goat Milk Skincare!"
— P.W. (Dionis Facebook Recommendation)

"Bought the Vanilla Bean for myself last month — it's my favorite Dionis scent and the lotion goes such a loooong way :)"
— L.R.M. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"Shared my Harvest lotion with friends at work today, I had to show them why I love Dionis Harvest soap and lotion so much!"
— Cyndi W.R. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"Your goat milk lotion softens my chapped winter hands better than anything else I have tried, including shea butter and aloe lotions. They also last longer between frequent hand washings. I don't know what makes goat milk so healing, but it is WONDERFUL!"
— Kimberly T.S. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"My husband bought me my first bottle of your lotion in "love" and I LOVE it . . . so moisturizing and the smell is so clean and fresh. I told him that I want a bottle of each scent for my birthday."
— Mary Beth B. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"Love your lotions . . . what is nice is the overall feeling of moisture and a beautiful fragrance without heavy, weighty oiliness! So wonderful all the way around!"
— C.L.R. (Happy Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I really like Dionis especially the Virginia Hyacinth lotion! That fragrance is my all time favorite. I just finished with some lotion so accurately named Love and it is very wonderful also. Looking forward to receiving my replacement Virginia Hyacinth in the mail."
— Carolyn (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"Hi, I went into a local card and gift shop yesterday and they sold Dionis Nature's Palette hand cream.  I tried the one called "Sun".  Hands down best hand cream I have ever used! "
— Christine (Horsham, PA)

"I found your Blue Ridge Wildflower lotion in a gift shop in Shenandoah National Park and fell in love with it! It's got to be my absolute favorite lotion ever!"  — "Oh and the cucumber mint lip balm too!"
— H.B. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dionis products . . . especially the Blue Ridge Wildflower scent."
— S.D.M. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

" I tried your lotion at the Bucks Beautiful Garden & Home Show today and my hands still feel soft, even after doing the dishes."
— R.T.F. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I bought some of your unscented lotion and soap at a Cracker Barrel and let my husband try it because he has eczema. The next day his skin was starting to heal and he's been using it for a month now with no more flareups. Your product did what no medicine the doctor gave could. I am very impressed."
— C.T. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I am 43 years old and am always trying to find things to keep my skin nice and young looking. I use your Green Conscience Wrinkle Cream and your Unscented Goats Milk Facial Moisturizer and those two products have really changed my life. They got rid of my forehead wrinkles in about one month. Thank You!"
— R.H. (Handwritten letter from a happy Dionis fan)

"I've bought your lotion, hand cream and lip balm and I absolutely love all three! Most soothing products ever. I was so excited to find your website where I can try even more scents! Dionis definitely is my favorite line of body care products. :)"
— A.F. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"Love, love, love your vanilla bean hand lotion . . . so nice. Makes my hands super soft and the fragrance is lovely!"
— R.S.B.  (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"Thank you for your very kind and efficient help in replacing my broken soap pump. You made me feel appreciated as a customer and helped me through a problem. Rest assured, I am ever more impressed with Dionis and their products because of you."
— D.B. (Handwritten note card from a happy Dionis fan)

"This brand is really awesome and all products are amazing. I recommend "LOVE" lip balm or any of the Love products! REALLY WORKS WELL."
— P.L. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"My favorite scent so far is the Virginia Hyacinth, with Blue Ridge Wildflower coming in second."
— D.M.S. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I love, love, love your Blue Ridge Wildflower hand cream and lotion!"
— J.K.H. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I LOVE the Weekend Gardener Hand Soap!"
— C.J.K. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"My grandaughter told me this weekend that all she wanted for Christmas is your Sugar Hollow Spice Lotion. Thanks for having an awesome website and your prices are excellent!"
— K.S. (Mississippi)

"Best hand creams, liquid soaps ever, Smell great!!!"
— M.C.Z. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I received your body lotion as a gift and fell in love with it. My favorite scent is Vanilla Bean and I was finding it difficult to find that scent. Lucky me, I found your website and just placed a large order."
— J.M. (Dionis Fan)

" I absolutely love the LOVE hand cream . . . I am going to order more along with many other LOVE products!"
— A.B. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"Best lotions ever!"
— S.V. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I love your products! I received a sample pack of the Love fragrance with shampoo, body wash, conditioner and lotion from the hospital after I had my son and it smells great and makes you feel wonderful. I am hooked for life now!"
— M.G. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

" Great products! My favorite is the vanilla bean lip balm! Texture is wonderful and non-greasy and the scent is so yummy...thanks for your products! I have been a fan for 2 years now!"
— A.P. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I like these products. They smell terrific, the hand cream is very nourishing and soap is incredibly rich. Goats are sweet."
— B.B. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"You guys are absolutely fantastic and have a new loyal fan for life. Thank you for all your great products!"
— A.G. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"Your soaps are great. Makes my hands so soft. Thank you!!! YOU ROCK!!!!"
— D.K. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"I'm a fan of the Vanilla Bean extra rich hand lotion, the one in the tube. I use it on my face though, not my hands. I like how thick it is and rich. it lasts for a long time on my face and i have dry skin there and just about everywhere. it leaves a very smooth texture for me and i like that (and it's not greasy)".
— E.T. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"Absolutely love your Hyacinth scented products!! Can't get that scent anywhere else!"
— B.L. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"The unscented lotion is great. I have sensitive skin with a special allergic reaction to dimethicone, which is a common ingredient in many lotions and kinds of make-up. This lotion has no dimethicone in it. I use the unscented kind and I have no problems with allergic reactions. This lotion works well on face and hands and absorbs readily into the skin. There is no greasy feeling."
— S.K. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"Shenandoah Rose has been a favorite for years."
— A.L. (Washington)

"Blue Ridge Wildflower has always been my favorite scent by ya'll . . . Love it!"
— S.P. (Tennessee)

"I NEVER KNEW GOAT'S MILK SMELLED THIS GOOD! I must point out that all the scents are awesome but I picked the vanilla bean and it is like no other lotion I have used."
— J.E. (Texas)

"Love is the best scent EVER!! it's waaaay better than Victoria's Secret!"
— J.F. (Idaho)

"The Blue Ridge Wildflower lotion with moisturizing goats milk works well and smells divine!"
— K.L. (Dionis Facebook Fan)

"My favorite is the Dionis LOVE lotion. It has a wonderful smell and it isn't harsh on my hands."
— A.Y. (California)

"I really love Blue Ridge Wildflower and Shenandoah Rose hand soaps and body washes."
— P.W. (California)

"The best truly unscented lotion out there. (Not everyone likes smelling like a pretty little flower or vanilla). Completely absorbs with absolutely no greasy or waxy feel. You can easily find it online.  This stuff is worth the search, I promise you."
— D.G. (Ohio)

"Cracker Barrel offered Blue Ridge Wildflower lotion to try in their bathroom. After using it, I couldn't believe the immediate penetration and softness felt on my hands. I bought a bottle before I left. I have never experienced a lotion that resulted in such an immediate and lasting effect like this product produces. In a word: impressive! Worth every cent!"
— L.B. (Upstate NY)

"The Dionis Goat Milk Products are the best I have found any where!! Thank you!"  
— B.W. (Oregon)